"All The Diet And Exercise Plans You've Heard Of Before DON'T Work."

"I found out the hard way ... but I also found out what does work. And I'd like to share it with you."

An Open Letter To The Women and
Men Of Herndon and Reston


Head Personal Trainer Charles Bram headshotFrom: Charles Bram
Former Danger To My Own Health

(Today, In The Best Shape Of My Life)

Dear Friend,

I have no idea how you found this web page. But I DO know that millions of people are frustrated with all the BAD ADVICE they've been getting about weight loss and fitness.

My name is Charles Bram. A few years ago I was where you may be now. Some important discoveries improved my health safely and dramatically. I'd like to tell you about these discoveries so you can benefit as well. Because, we all want to be healthier.

You see, I PERSONALLY know what it’s like to be out of shape and feel like a fat blob. Look at this picture of me at a bar (I used to frequent these places quite a bit in my young adult years) ... I wish I could say that this was a picture of me at my worst, but I would be telling you a huge lie. I continued to get bigger for several months, putting on nearly 10 more pounds. BUT I can't find any pictures of me in worse shape because I pretty much avoided the cameras. Maybe you know how I felt ...

Your Trainer Charles Bram Before and After Picture

Believe it or not, I was only 33 years old in this picture. Many people told me I looked like I was at least 36. I remember one night I had a bet with friends of mine that were a few years older than me. I asked the bouncer who looked older. He immediately told me I looked older, probably a couple of years older. Then he asked me if he was right. I was so embarrassed. This was probably the first time I realized I had a weight problem. It had come on gradually over a few years. Pants got tighter, I bought new ones, you know the story.

Somewhere in the first couple of weeks of January 2007 I bent over to tie my shoes, realized that I was having to hold my breath, sit up, breathe and begin again a few times before I could finish tying my shoes ...

I couldn't believe how badly I had let myself go... no matter how hard I tried to fool myself, I was no longer anywhere near slim and hadn't been for a very long time ...

As an engineer, I decided to see how bad things were by the numbers. My blood pressure had sky rocked, my resting heart rate was worse than an average person's heart rate while they are up and moving around, my heart rate after climbing the stairs was as high as if a normal person had just gone for a run. All these things scared me to death. My waist measured a whopping 43", and at only 5'8" tall, I weighted 207 lbs. Not only was I obese, by some estimates I had the same health risks of a person with diabetes (doctors have been quoted as saying patients with diabetes age 10 to 30 percent faster than those without - no wonder I looked so much older than I was).

I also noticed I was wearing the same few clothes all the time. Even though I had more clothes than anyone needs, I couldn't wear most of them. And all the clothes I was wearing had style names that included something similar to "relaxed fit." I now know this is code for, I was too fat to fit into the regular sizes, but the clothing manufactures didn't want me to feel bad about it.

Perhaps the worst thing to happen to a man's ego is that I was pretty much being ignored by the opposite sex. Even my own wife frequently made comments to remind me that I didn't look this way when she met me 15 years ago. I really wish she had sat me down one day and told me I needed to lose the weight. And finally my Father did tell me that I was way too heavy for my age. But I wasn't ready to listen until I couldn't do simple things like tying my shoes without significant effort. Some might even say I was a bit stubborn :)

This sudden and terrible realization made me very Sick...

In fact, I lost 50 lbs of fat and put on more than 10 lbs of functional muscle ...

Coach Charles Before and After

Hardly Anyone Believed I Could Lose An Entire Medicine Ball Of Fat But I Did

And that's JUST the beginning... Now I feel like I'm 10 years younger, I have tons of energy and I even stand almost an inch taller...

And what's really exciting is what's happened to my self image... Let's just say when I look in the mirror I'm pretty damn stoked with what I see... My social life is better, my love life is better, my health is better, in fact EVERYTHING is better. I'm even willing to have my picture taken in public now.

Coach Charles and Wife Tiffany Seen In Public Together


Now my story could've ended here, but this is where it gets really exciting... You're NEVER gonna believe it, but...


I Almost Completely Accidentally Became a Personal Trainer


You see, as I continued looking better and better something REALLY STRANGE began to happen... People started to constantly ask me questions like "How did you lose ALL that fat so fast?" and "What do you do to look SO good?" and "Can you help ME look better too?"

More Testimonials coming soon!

Dedicated To Reaching Her Goals!

"I wanted to thank you Coach Charles... since working out with you I have lost 70 lbs!!! Eating right, doing the workouts at home, and staying away from sugar surely helped! Thanks for all the hard work!" -Melissa Foster

"The past 6 weeks w/ Coach Charles has exceeded all of my expectations. Although athletics and fitness has always been a part of my life, Charles has redefined my perception of fitness & nutrition. Personal fitness goals that first seemed unattainable if not impossible, now seem achievable and realistic thanks to Charles. I look forward to what the next 6 weeks brings. -Takashi

Promotional Model Sheena

"Coach Charles, The past 6 weeks have been amazing. A low body fat percentage allows me to wear the right clothes for my modeling shoots. Losing this last 3% has already allowed me to book more jobs for the Spring + Summer!" -Sheena Cole

"Coach Charles, Thank you for helping me meet my personal goals. I feel a lot more healthier than before. I was able to loose 10 pounds, 2 1/4 inches from my stomach and 5% body fat [during 2xJumpstart]. At this rate I will be able to meet my short and long term goals. I will recommend your programs to my co-workers and friends. See you after SWAT school. Take care and I wish you the best." -Allen E. Corniel

Mom of three!

"For Years I told my husband I wanted to get in shape and lose the flab. It annoyed me that he was getting younger and better looking all the time while I was beginning to look older. Finally I'd had enough and asked him to train me. But he wouldn't do it until I was fully committed. In just 6 weeks of healthier eating and serious workouts, I lost 4 % of my body fat and developed this wonderful flat stomach. I've been thin before, but I've never had a stomach that looked this good!" -Tiffany Bram, wife to Coach Charles.

Dan helped me so much when I needed to get off my backside and start working out. It has been such a pleasure to return the favor. Dan and I have been working out together for 3 years now. He tells me that since I started training him this year, he's lost 2 inches from his waist and increases his pull ups to 5 from just 1.

Update: One year later, Dan is down another 20 lbs and 2.75" from his waist. As you can see we have taken his workouts to the next level!

"After I gave birth  this summer (my fourth!), I was putting on 1 pound a week! This had to stop. I was 35.25" around the middle. 12 weeks later I am down to 29" and feeling great. I've got just a few pounds to go to reach my goal weight. Just a couple of months ago, I couldn't even step into these jeans, let alone button them! Coach Charles got me to change my eating habits and learn to enjoy working out again." -Alyssa Nguyen

"Thanks for referring Alyssa to me Tiffany!"-Coach

"After Just 4 Weeks of working out with Coach Charles I had significant improvements in my strength, endurance, and flexibility. I lost inches and gained some definition in my arms, legs, and stomach. Coach Charles is very encouraging and continues to help me reach my goals. The nutritional counseling is great and I've also noticed an improvement in my energy.

Yeah Coach!" -Joanna Caswell.

Joanna, has now reached her goal weight and beyond. Way to go Joanna! -Coach

"Before I started working out with Coach Charles, I weighed about 215 lbs and was a solid size 38 waist. I was working out on average about 2 times a week, mainly on a treadmill or elliptical machine, and had not seen any change in weight or size for over a year and a half. I now weigh 194 lbs and am a size 34 waist." -Joe Caswell

*Update Joe is now 185 lbs! We need a new pic to show why you can do all those pull ups now :)

"Thanks for referring Joe to me Joanna!" -Coach

"I am priviledged to be trained by Coach Charles. He is a great motivator, enthusiastic, and encouraging. He gently pushes without being pushy. He is dedicated to helping his clients achieve their personal goals with measurable results. He strives to make exercise and balanced choices, a life long committment. I would highly recommend Coach Charles to anyone committing to getting fit and healthy. " -Carrie Mariotti

The New 50 Something!

"Coach Charles brought a guy in shape to OUTSTANDING shape. He had ideas to increase my strength by twofold almost month by month! I've taken his input on nutrition and my metabolism has increased in speed, and body fat content decreased by approximately 1% a month. He knows nutrition, he knows the body, he knows what kinds of exercises for each part of the body, and more importantly, he knows how to strengthen body parts that have always been weak or are sore. He's the MAN for the job!" - Roger Berger

Roger forgot to mention he has gone from one shaky pull up to doing 12 without assistance. Roger holds the current fitHealth client record for pull ups, and he's not 25 you know ;) -Coach

"Coach Charles, Your Training is amazing. I never thought I could improve myself in such a short period. Thank You for all of your intensity in the gym." -Eric Farneti

"Coach Charles thank you again for coaching me with my fitness and health needs to get where I am today and continue living my fitness and healthy life always." -Ro Gioia, Mom/Homemaker





"Since starting work with Coach Charles in December I have seen very positive results. When I came to him I had loss 60 lbs over a two year period but still had not gotten the definition that I was seeking. Coach Charles has help me get to the next level of fitiness. Since worrking with him I have gained 1 inch on my chest, 2 inches on my bisceps, 11/2 on my thighs, loss 2 inches off my hips and an inch off my waist. I can look in the period now and see the beginning of a 6 pack and a V shape. At 53 years old I am back to my college football weight (225) and feel strong and fit. But most important, since I have started a regular training program I am off blood pressure and Cholestrol meds. My goal is to stay medication free. Coach Charles' program works...really." -Hugh Staples, Professional Actor

The New 60 Something!

"Charles - Your 2xJumpStart program has put me on the path I've been trying to find for some time now.

Many thanks! I couldn't have done it without you!" -Tom Sullivan, Architect





Coach Charles is a new man. While he may not sport a 6 pack or have the natural genetics of trainers you meet at the national chains, he's been through every step of what you need to do to slim down and tone up fast. 3 years ago, Charles couldn't do a single pull up and had to take multiple breaths to tie his shoes. Today Coach Charles can whip out 60 push ups on a stability ball and bang out 20 pull ups. His problems with weakness, flexibility and fat gain are gone FOREVER!

"The last time I was in this kind of shape, I was 18 years old and playing high school sports while working out 3 to four hours a day. That was literally half a lifetime ago, I'm 37 now, and I only workout 30 min to an hour 4 to 5 days a week." -Coach Charles


"Can you teach me what to do and how to eat healthy in a quick program that will allow me to continue on my own afterwards ..."

Enter the 2xJumpStart Program: 4 Weeks of Personal Training for just $249. No additional gym fees, all costs are included!

I created this program for 3 specific reasons:

Reason 1. Personal training is thought to be very expensive and limited to only the rich, celebrities and the elite. Isn't that who we see on TV getting personal training? Yes many of these people are paying between $95 and $150 per session.

Solution: I created 2xJumpStart so that real people like you and me can afford true personal training. You pay only $29.08 - $31.13 per session depending on two or three sessions per week. I can do this because I keep my overhead costs down to what you need to reach your goals. AND your gym membership is included for free with the 2xJumpStart Program. That's an additional $75 value.

Reason 2. Many clients have difficulty committing to a program for 6 months or even a year.

Solution: 2xJumpStart teaches you what you need to know to lose all the weight you want to lose and be able to keep it off permanently in just 4 weeks.

Reason 3. Many clients have tried tons of diets and exercise programs only to gain back the weight they lost and more ... they just want a program that works.

Solution:This program is trimmed down to just give you the specific skills and workouts you need to eat healthy and burn the calories you need to lose that excess fat.

Read on ...

What is the 2xJumpStart Program?

  • 4 Weeks of custom workouts with your own personal trainer
  • Combined with 4 weeks of diet coaching
  • And developing the skills to achieve your ideal weight
  • While learning how to keep it off permanently
  • And developing the discipline and habits necessary to be successful for the rest of your life.

Why is 2xJumpStart So Effective?

  • Habits take 21 days to form
  • Program is 28 days, so you get 7 additional days to learn the skills and reinforce the good habits while eliminating the bad habits
  • Your body adapts over time, reducing your workout effectiveness
  • 2xJumpStart teaches you the skills to know how to change your workouts and diet so you can avoid plateaus.

At this moment in your life you stand at a crossroads...

You can exit this website and continue existing exactly how you have been... getting the exactly the same results. You can stay in exactly the same shape you're in right now (continuing to get worse as you age) ... and you can continue putting off a better, healthier body and a better potentially longer life until a tomorrow that may never come...

OR you can call us today at (571)249-3481 and lose your excess fat, tone your muscle and live the kind of life you deserve... a life where you look as healthy, fit and attractive as possible... where you feel full of energy... where you turn heads when you walk into a room and are the envy of your friends...

You're smart and I trust you'll make the best decision for you, your health and your life.


Coach Charles

Head Personal Trainer

fitHealth Personal Training Gym

Hendon, VA / Reston, VA


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P.S. - Remember, we combine cutting edge science with underground and "old-school" hardcore exercises that are fun and deliver unsurpassable results for people with "average" or "less than average" genetics. When it comes to obesity or just being out of shape, I've been there, so we take a radically more effective approach than the "can't relate" trainers who've ALWAYS been in good shape and think that what works for them must work for everyone.

P.P.S - We'll tone up your entire body. As you can see from all the success stories we've helped many people get the body they want and can do the same for you. Once you start training with us you're going to be absolutely hooked ... in fact, you may never want to go home. Call your friends and family and tell them about the strange "workout cult" you've joined.

P.P.P.S. - What you need to do right now is call (571)249-3481 and apply for the 2xJumpStart Program. We'll spend a few minutes on the phone with you to see if you're a good fit for what we do. There is absolutely NO COST, NO RISK and NO OBLIGATION on your part to make the call ... if you don't like your phone consultation, you never pay a dime ... guaranteed. But remember, because of all the remarkable results we've been getting for our clients the demand for our services has grown so high that we only have 7 slots left before our prices go up, and those spots are gonna fill up quickly ... so be sure to call right now.

(Sometimes we're busy training clients and we have to let our voicemail answer the call, if this happens we will call you back between sessions to schedule a short phone appointment for you with Coach Charles, it's that easy.)


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